• Laser Gum Surgery in Staten Island, NY

    We provide state-of-the-art gum disease treatment, dental implants, and laser gum surgery in Staten Island, NY and Port Washington, NY.

    Gum Surgery
  • No cutting. No stitches. Faster recovery.

    Introducing LANAP®: the revolutionary laser gum disease treatment... available now from Greenfield Laser & Dental Implant Center.

    Why Laser Gum Surgery?
  • Save Your Teeth with Laser Gum Treatment

    LANAP® is the only predictable procedure that actually helps the bone supporting your teeth to regenerate.

    Gum Disease Treatment

Non-Invasive Laser Gum Surgery:
The Preferred Treatment for Periodontal Disease

LANAP® (laser assisted new attachment procedure) – a new form of gum disease treatment available now in Staten Island, NY and Port Washington, NY – utilizes safe and proven laser technology to gently remove harmful bacteria and diseased tissue from the gums. With this new procedure, only the diseased tissue is removed and the height of the tissue around the tooth is maintained.

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Our Practice

Dr. Barry Greenfield, our lead periodontist, has personally performed almost 50,000 gum disease treatment and dental implant surgeries over the course of his career.

At Greenfield Laser & Dental Implant Center, we combine proven expertise with the latest advancements in dental technology, to ensure our patients receive the greatest care possible – every step of the way.

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The Premier Periodontist in Staten Island and Port Washington

We understand that making the decision to have gum disease treatments and dental implants can be intimidating. But, we also know that it can be life-changing for our patients and give them back the quality of life they once knew.

Dr. Barry Greenfield fully believes in the importance in helping our valued patients feel comfortable and well-educated in their decision to have laser gum disease treatment or dental implants.

We’re here for you – every step of the way.

And we can’t wait to help you periodontist staten island.

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